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Years ago, I started a group called ClubSoda for my clients who wanted to replace unhealthy habits/addictions with practices that truly satisfied their adult needs.  I began this group with the late Dr. Bill McKenzie, a gynecologist and addictionologist, with whom I used to share office space. ClubSoda continued until Bill's death and was suspended temporarily when his office closed.

After a few years passed, I felt that life again was calling for me to provide this personal and professional development opportunity...with a few very significant changes based on our changing culture. In 2003 we created a website and named it eClubSoda, where we could offer the support and education that we did during our smaller meetings, but on a much larger scale.

At that time we also introduced a new kind of HappyHour, a live teleconference call at 5:30PM Eastern, where people gather daily, 365 days a year,  for genuine connection, supportive listening and professional coaching.  HappyHour is a very affordable opportunity to have consistent support and direction in establishing new, life-enhancing practices. It also provides an opportunity for people from all over the world to attend, and it will promise complete anonymity for those not yet comfortable with sharing their lives.  Our vision is eventually to have the conference line open twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, so that whenever an urge to revert back to old behavior may arise, someone will be there to help the participants remember what it is they truly need and desire.

When I was wrestling with my own unhealthy habits, I felt so hopeless and alone. I "knew" I was worse than everyone else in the universe. I didn't know what to do. Perhaps others could find their way to a healthy life, but I felt I was different and it would be impossible for me. Several people I hardly knew told me I could lean on them, and that someday others would temporarily lean on me. And through eClubSoda and HappyHour, I am privileged to provide that support each and every day. 

We cover a variety of topics on the calls, using real life situations to demonstrate the principles of development. We learn how to listen to the language (pain and pleasure) of our mind, body and soul. Instead of numbing this pain with work, iStock_GroupOnPhone_000008719031food, alcohol, etc., we learn to listen to the message in the signal trying to get our attention.  We might need a nap rather than a candy bar, or a conversation with a friend instead of a drink.  It takes practice and focus to establish this new distinction as a healthy habit, and HappyHour offers the perfect practice laboratory full of new friends to help on this journey.

There is no roll call and members are welcome to attend for five minutes a day or an hour per month or whatever works for their life. The only requirement for membership is a one-year commitment, as old habits try very hard to survive and constantly try to lure us back. I have observed that it takes at the very least one year to get any kind of new habit firmly established. But if there is a place to go when temptation strikes, and one continues to check in, success will eventually occur.

HappyHour membership also makes a wonderful gift for someone considering, or terrified of, giving up his or her addictive habits. Most often this comes from not knowing where the help is, or if it is possible, or where the most effective help might be. HappyHour membership can truly be a gift of life and possibility. I do not believe an individual has to hit bottom or lose everything to find a better way to connect with life. I know all things are possible. Sometimes we just have to move an answer into their vision with love.

If you feel that HappyHour would be a fit for you or someone in your family, please feel free to join anytime you or a loved one might be in need.

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