During eClubSoda's HappyHour, we offer daily connected conversation, heartfelt listening, and personal development coaching.  You choose where, when and how you want to participate.  Here is how some of our members describe HappyHour 

 "When a day appears dark, eClubSoda shines it's warm light and provides me with growth beyond all imagination." - R.J., Covington, IN

“A safe place to take apart any struggle – to be heard, held and lovingly challenged.” – D.H., Harvard, MA

“On the day I need it, it is there.” - R.C., Wayland, MA

"I used to be very cold in 'sharing & expressing' my emotions. Though I'm still a beginner, feeling and seeing how it impacts others around me inspires me to keep practicing." - D.H., Canada (a friend North of the Border!)

"I contemplated suicide most of my life because I thought to end my emotional pain I had to end my life. Then I found eClubSoda where I learned how to move through my pain, and now I am so happy to be alive and I celebrate each day that I am alive." -Anonymous

 “I learned how to get in touch with my inner wisdom and passion and explore what gets in the way.” -N.S., Atlanta, GA

"The most amazing thing about my experience with eClubSoda is that all that I learned there is still with me. It lasts. It still helps me. What I was not ready to change in my behaviours or in my habits at the time I was attending eClubSoda, I could change it later. Last year, my fiancé and I took on to stop drinking alcohol every night. I knew a long time before that I had to make that decision that but I was not ready to let go the 'comfort' of alcohol. I could not believe that living my life would be possible without alcohol. I'm so grateful now to realize that life is just perfect without drinking like a fish. I have more fun, more energy and more time to achieve all my projects. It took me 4 years to make that decision. Isn't it amazing that I'm still surfing on the learning curve without attending the calls? Isn't it great that your teaching could be so sustainable? So, I can say that you will be present in my life until my last breath. I'm 40 years old and in good shape which means that there is a great deal of chance that your existence and contribution will survive your own death. Isn't what each human being wishes?" M.R., Canada

“The sacred gift of a view into the tenderness of people’s real lives.” - L.B, Ashland, OR

“Place to hear beyond the static in my head.” – Anonymous

"I looked deeply at my addiction for the first time in my life; I named it; I claimed it; I recognized the futility of my behavior and I conquered my addiction." - L.A., Shreveport,LA

"Everyone Comes; Lovingly, Understanding.  Bringing Soulful Observations on Dreams and Achievements."- R.J, Covington, IN

e everyone
c comes
l lovingly
u understanding
b bringing
s soulful
o observations
d dreams
a achievements

 “Like a mirror that reflects my role in creating all  my experiences.” - R.C., Wayland, MA

“A place to go when I don’t know what to do and don’t want to be alone.” - Anonymous

"eClubSoda is the place I can take any problem, no matter how sensitive, and pave a new path." - J.W., Shreveport, LA

“I feel strong enough and healed enough with the support of the community to make my unique difference in the world.” – L.B., Ashland, OR

“When I feel heard, possibilities emerge that I can’t see or hear on my own, yet.” - DMH., Stow, MA

"I learned it is not the events of our lives that cause us pain and suffering, but it is what we make those events mean about us…the stories we write about the experiences and about ourselves."- L.A., Shreveport, LA

“Learning to honor the important messages in my emotions instead of numbing out.” - N.S., Atlanta, GA

"The community that Nan has brought together is nothing short of miraculous.   I have learned to open my heart and share my inner most feelings with this community.  I am rewarded with safety, love and friendship." - R.J, Covington, IN

"We learn, one by one and all together, to trust life’s unfolding." - C.L., Alpharetta, GA

“Learning how to find the lessons in difficult experiences and see beyond this moment.” - R.C., Wayland, MA

“Daily life-line of support during the most challenging time of my life—examining and changing my addictive patterns.”- M.R., Atlanta, GA

“Nan is a professional development role model…guiding people to discover their own wisdom.” – L.B., Ashland, OR


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