iStock_FAQ_000007543237XSmall Q: Whom do I contact if I'm having trouble using the website or have feedback?

A. Email our webmaster, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 



Q. What is eClubSoda?

A. It is a wonderful place where friends gather to learn, to explore and to practice a variety of personal and professional developmental principles together. It is such a great feeling to meet with each other on a regular basis from the convenience of our own home, office, car, jogging trail, etc.! Learn more about our mission, vision and history in the "About eClubSoda" section of this website.

Q. What do eClubSoda members say about their experience with Nan Hoy Shaw and the eClubSoda community?

A.  You can get a sense of the impact and experience of eClubSoda members in our testimonials section of this website.

Q. What is distinction between eClubSoda and Happy Hour?

A.   eClubSoda is an online  supportive and educational community, with the purpose of teaching its members and visitors how to truly connect with themselves, others and Life itself. eClubSoda offers educational articles on relationships, overcoming addictive behaviors and substances, and truly connected communication, as well as an interactive blog.  HappyHour is a private subscription group teleconference call which provides daily access to professional coaching and live group support.  It is often called a meeting of hearts and minds...


Q. Why would I want to join the HappyHour teleconference calls?

A. Read the personal stories from eClubSoda members to learn about what eClubSoda can mean for you and your life.

Q. How do I subscribe to the HappyHour membership?

A. Click here to join at any time through our website.

Q. How many HappyHour teleconference calls do you offer?

A. At this time we offer one daily call...7 days a week...365 days a year at 5:30pm - 6:45pm EST.   Some holidays may have a different call time, which will be announced in the "Members' Area" of the website. Most daily calls are led by Nan Hoy Hoy Shaw, with the exception of every other weekend, when the call is led by Sonya Bruton. Occasionally, another talented professional coach may lead a call. We are planning to add more calls in the very near future, which are included in your annual membership at no extra charge.

Q. What is the phone number for the daily HappyHour teleconference call?

A.  You can get the phone number and weekly call-in code by logging into the "HappyHour Members Area" of the website through the "Login HappyHour" menu on the left side of this screen. Please always keep this number confidential to maintain the integrity of the group.

Q. Do I have to be on the HappyHour call the entire time?

A. No. Please feel free to call in even if it is just to say hello and stay for five minutes, ten minutes or the whole call....phone from anywhere...and feel free to do whatever you want or need to do while you are listening. However, PLEASE use STAR6 (*6) to mute your phone and STAR6 (*6) to come back off of mute to help keep background noise to a minimum when others are speaking. Even light breathing by a few people can seem loud on a teleconference line!

Q. How do I let you know I'd like time to talk on a HappyHour call?

A. If you would like to explore a personal concern or a general topic on the call, please either email the coach ahead of time or let the coach know at the beginning of the call when the group will be asked if anyone would like time on the call.

Q. How do I get to know the other HappyHour members?

A. If you are new, you can introduce yourself on a call, your first call or your tenth call or your hundredth call..or not at all if you prefer. We encourage you to introduce yourself when you are comfortable because the sooner you do, the sooner you will feel a true part of the community. It takes a little time to know the members and their stories...and it is very rewarding to hang in there until you do. Great, life-long friendships have been created on the HappyHour call.


Q. How do I log into the HappyHour Members Area?

A. When you subscribe to the annual HappyHour membership you will set up a unique Username and Password that allows you to immediately access the Members area of the website. Please contact us immediately if you have any problems whatsoever.

Q. Can my identity be anonymous in the Members Area?

A. Yes. When you subscribe you can ensure anonymity by creating (or changing) your Username to be an unidentifyable name. See instructions below on how to change an existing Username. In addition, you can set your privacy settings to only share information with yourself or other members you have specifically apporved to be a Friend.

Q. How do I get into the Members' area of the website?

A. On the "Login HappyHour" menu on the left side of this screen, enter your Username and Password and press the Login button. You can select the "Remember Me" checkbox to have the computer remember your login information for the next time. Please note that you may also need to save the password within your browser so look for a prompt at the top of your browser window after logging in for the first time.

Q. What will I find in the "HappyHour Members' Area" of the website?

A. This is where you can send an email to the group or an individual and/or discuss any questions you might have or exchange information, philosophies or wisdom. It is a great place to get new ideas and discover possibilities you may not have thought of on your own. It is also the place where members can share photos and videos and announce events for members only. It is an opportunity to post your thoughts and to give input back to others as well. It is a wonderful extra support system. Some day there may be no postings at all and others several...it depends a lot on what is happening in people's lives. Not every active member of HappyHour uses this area of the website as it is totally optional.

Q. Can I change my Username and/or Password for my HappyHour Login?

A.  Yes! You can log into the Members area of the site using the instructions above and select "My Account" on the "Members Menu" on the left and then select "My Account Information" to change either or both.

Q. What is the Fresh Daily Hors-d'oeuvre? 

A. The daily hors-d'oeuvre is an article that Nan offers each day to help the development process along! Each one is now included in the book "How to Get Your Wiggle Back!" They address proven developmental principles woven into real life experiences along with questions on which to focus throughout the day. They facilitate the formation of new neuropathways so that you can receive the benefits of your work much more quickly.

Q. Can I personalize the order of the menu options on the left side of the page?

A. Yes, you can easily move the menu options on the left up or down by selecting and holding the dark gray up/down arrow icon on the right part of the menu (your cursor pointer will change to a hand indicating it is something you can drag and drop).

Q. What is in the eClubSoda Library?

A.  You will find the archived daily hors-d'oeuvres, articles written by experts and our eClubSoda members.  We will be adding to the library constantly, and encourage you to write an article as well.  We learn from each other in our eClubSoda community. 

Q. How do I find something specific or everything on a certain topic?

A.  Using the "Search eClubsoda" menu on the left side of the page, just type in your topic and all of the articles related to that topic will appear for you to enjoy.

Q. How do I subscribe to the eClubSoda newsletter?

A.  Using the "Join Our Email List" menu on the left side of the page, type your email address in the text box and select the Join button and we will take care of the rest.

Q. What if I lost or forgot my Username or Password for my HappyHour Login?

A.  Under the "Login HappyHour" menu on the left side of the the page, select the "Forgot your password" or "Forgot your username" hyper-link (red text that becomes underlined when you place your cursor over it) and it will bring up a screen for you to have your information emailed to you.

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