Help With Addiction?

Addiction rules when we struggle by ourselves.  Addiction grows in secrecy and silence.  Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful.

It is especially so when you don't know much about it.  And even worse when you feel all alone and afraid to talk about it with others.

Here at eClubSoda, we are committed to getting you the help you need.  If you cannot get the help you need here, we will help find what you require somewhere else.

It is important to get really educated about addiction.  There is much we don't know, but it is necessary to learn what we do know.

If you, yourself, are struggling with addiction, you will need others to support you right away.  You see, the same mind that creates the problem, cannot find the solution all by matter how brilliant it may be!

If it is your friend or family member who is addicted, you will need to learn what truly helps to create an environment where the addict will want help.  So often we unintentionally enable the very behaviors we are hoping to extinguish.

Please feel free to browse the eClubSoda site and see if you find what you need.  If you do not, please email us with your questions

If you would like to join our daily community call, HappyHour, where help is available each and every day, where there is committed listening and long-term recovery, where family members have reunited and learned to communicate with love and care, and where professional coaching will gently guide you toward your very own solutions, please just click here now

We wish you a life full of genuine yourself, to others, and to life.  And we are here to help you learn how to do that.

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